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Very little glitz, glam or drama at the Oscars

The Oscars used to be the most eagerly anticipated awards show of the year.

Excitement begins as the Oscars draw closer

One of Hollywood’s most glamorous evenings is just days away.

Commentary: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Is school over yet? I mean, come on. What's with this thing? It's like one of those anti-drug commercials with the eggs in the frying pan. “This is your brain on drugs.”

Oscar hangover feels mighty good

This past Sunday we witnessed the 78th Annual Academy Awards. And some aspects of the show were better than others.

Celebrity swag makes me gag

Everyone knows that there are perks to being a celebrity, but I didn’t think that some of the perks would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, I’m talking about the ever popular “celebrity swag.”

Filling the gap in Rock’s analogy

This weekend was indeed a festive one for many, including myself. As hundreds of fancy town movie stars gathered at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood for some recognition and pats-on-the-back at the Academy Awards, I sat inside the Troubadour Theatre just a few streets away.

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