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Movie Review: ‘Hotel Transylvania’ spooks families closer together

"Hotel Transylvania'" is the perfect heart-warming children’s movie to connect the whole family.

Movie Review: Geeks score from ‘Bench’

As the second film to come out of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company this year, “The Benchwarmers” does a decent job of capturing Sandler’s comedic sensibilities.


Campus and community news events for the week of Feb. 13, 2004.

Movie Review: ‘Anger Management’ provides sporadic laughter

There are two types of comedic movies Hollywood creates: one that explodes with laughter and fun from beginning to end, and one where laughter and fun implode until the very end.

Entertainment Briefs

Campus and community arts events for the week of April 11, 2003.

Summer 2002 delivers many anticipated films

Let the games begin.

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