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Obstacles will not prevent dreams

I really did try to make my last column for the Campus Times something worth reading about. I wanted something that would be interesting to all and tried to stay away from the typical evaluation of the college experience, not that there is anything wrong with that necessarily.

Medications have their kinks

Two years ago people suffering from obesity and addiction saw a new avenue in their fight as scientists offered anti-addiction drugs that would help.

Finding spirituality through art

I don’t attend many art openings or go around looking for new and enlightening museum exhibits for a living, but when I do get the chance at stopping by for a quick look, the artwork displayed always seems to lure me in.

Leap year wastes no time

Ah, Feb. 29, such a rare occasion that we are blessed with your presence. After years of accumulating the few extra hours, 365 days become 366.

‘Extreme Makeover’: LVM edition

Soon the semester will end and while many may feel a sigh a relief that all the assignments, projects and exams will be put to rest for the time being, it all seems like a bittersweet finish for me.

Rest up, it’s better for your health

Take out your warm and comfy blanket, close the blinds, set the books aside for a couple of minutes and TiVo your favorite show; it’s naptime.

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