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Electronic privacy is vital

It would be outrageous if a federal law enforcement agency asked a lock maker to create a master key that would open the locks to millions of homes, and give that key to the agency.

Cheap apps ensure safety

With smartphone security dominating the week’s news in tech, personal security also comes into play.

iPads do not advance learning

In a $1 billion plan to improve education and give students equal opportunity in the classroom, the Los Angeles Unified School District gave 47,000 iPads to students in 13 schools. Unfortunately, the education plan has not been successful.

iPhone 5 piques student interest

As part of a tech-savvy generation, students are excited for Apple’s long-awaited iPhone 5, which will be released Friday after months of speculation.

There are too many apps for that

Last year’s release of the iPhone 4 and the iPad brought thousands lining up at Apple stores across the country.

Technology Review: iPad or iFad?

You may have wanted it even before Apple Inc. finished engineering it. Is it because popular tech culture automatically seduces us into loving anything Apple produces? Or is Apple really that good at meeting the people’s needs and wants?

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