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Forum makes students top priority

Associated Students Federation Forum President Travis Berry plans to restructure ASF to make it more student-oriented.

News Briefs

Campus and community news for the week of Sept. 17, 2004.

Running an empty race

Travis Berry is the new and old ASF president. Surely, he did a good job last year and as he was elected by the majority, he deserves to serve another term, but the way he won this year’s election leaves an aftertaste.

Letter to the Editor

In last week’s Campus Times, there was a front page article which mentioned the lack of candidates for the ASF program in previous years.

ASF prez to serve 2nd term

Following the best voter turnout the University of La Verne has seen in years, Associated Student Federation Forum President Travis Berry retained his position for another term this week.

Election offers first choice in 3 years

Associated Student Forum President Travis Berry is facing competition in his campaign for re-election next week, marking the first time in three years that the position of presidency will not go uncontested.

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