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Proposition 32 would hurt unions

Proposition 32 is just another one-sided measure worded carefully by the wealthy trying to maintain their power.

Cannabis could grow funds for state

Legalizing marijuana. Some say it’s a bad idea, Many say it’s a great idea. But now that the issue has been transformed into an official proposal to be placed on California ballot in November, people on both sides are likely to make their voices heard loud and clear in the months ahead until the big day.

Support education, accountability

There are six propositions on the Tuesday election ballot. Here are our recommendations for how to vote on each.

Initiatives, candidates should be studied

With elections just around the corner (Nov. 3), it is necessary for the University of La Verne community to be well-informed of propositions and candidates that will ultimately influence and structure laws and society.

15 Props top state ballot

California has 15 propositions on its Nov. 5 ballot. The issues range from campaign spending and affirmative action to the state's minimum wage and the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Below is each proposition and its definition.

Active students gain a head start in political careers

For some University of La Verne students, politics, national elections and the voting process are not just something they read about in the news.

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