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Jamie Foxx gives advice via interactive broadcast

The National Society of Leadership and Success in collaboration with the University of La Verne Black Student Union and Black Student Services hosted a Black Voices Broadcast Tuesday. The broadcast starred Jamie Foxx.

Latinx community members share what their identity means to them

The University’s Latinx Heritage Month virtual series kicked off Wednesday via WebEx with a panel promoting diversity and inclusion through storytelling.

Supreme Court’s size should be increased

With the recent controversial and highly partisan confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, it is important now more than ever to increase the size of the Supreme Court.

Trump administration uses pandemic as cover to reduce environmental protections

The Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to relax enforcement of countless environmental restrictions in the past month is the latest of a long list of ill-fated deregulations under the Donald Trump administration and is a move that is certain to make the planet’s climate crisis even worse.

Jarrett talks women in government

Valerie Jarrett shared the struggles she faced as she advance from Chicago City Hall to the West Wing, using her power to give a voice to the underrepresented.

Trump fights for dirty air

The Trump administration announced on Sept. 18 that it will revoke California’s waiver that allowed the state to set its own standards for car emissions.

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