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Majors determine projects

Being a senior means graduation is around the corner. But in order to graduate from the University of La Verne, one must complete a senior project.

Rewarding academic excellence

Graduating in three years from the University of La Verne, senior Dan Ross received an academic achievement award last Tuesday night in Founders Auditorium.

ULV must set realistic budgets

As the University of La Verne is growing, the departments on campus are growing as well. As a result, their individual facilities are in need of expansion to accommodate their own needs and therefore need larger facilities in order to do so.

Psychology club offers opportunities

At the University of La Verne, many clubs, sports teams and organizations are available for students to showcase their talents and special interests. Now the Psychology Club, Psi Chi, is being offered at ULV for all psychology majors.

Founders renovations leave space

Next September, the Hoover Building will become the new home to the Behavioral Science department, CAPA and John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A decision process will then take place to determine which departments will be moving into the empty spaces in Founders Hall.

Arellano plans to leave life-long legacy

Every year the University of La Verne welcomes fresh new faces to the campus.

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