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Shining light on safety

After coming out from an evening class, leaving the library as it is being closed or simply stepping out of the dorms for a walk around campus to take a break from studying at night, students and other members of the University community notice not only the University of La Verne's beautiful appearance, but also the many poorly lit areas on campus.

Singleton explores art of Old West

Creative, friendly and personable are the words that come to mind when talking about Bill Singleton, who serves on the security staff at the University of La Verne. But, there is another side to this well-known man, the artistic side.

ULV hires new security director

With plans to revamp the entire security system on campus, John F. Lentz, Jr. will officially begin his position as the new director of Public Safety and Transportation at the University of La Verne on May 13.

Security standstill invites crime

Thefts at the University of La Verne seem to be on the rise. An increase in computer, car, residential and departmental thefts haunts the University. Time after time, something is reported stolen, and it is no wonder why.

Escorts strive for campus security

Tom Erickson, acting director of public safety and transportation, is revamping the escort service on campus.

Recent thefts raise security issues

In order to improve security and deter future thefts and break-ins, the University of La Verne is looking into hiring additional security officers, implementing more security cameras and selecting a new head of security.

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