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Renovations improve department

The Natural Sciences Department at the University of La Verne has implemented a three-phase remodeling procedure in an effort to improve the overall condition of its facilities and provide students with a suitable learning environment.

Extracurricular musician does it all

It is 4 a.m. on Thursday. While most students at the University of La Verne are sleeping, senior Sergio Velazquez is wide awake.

Scholar eyes pharmaceutical future

Junior Mohammed Ghonim, whose motto is to "help people," has certainly helped the University of La Verne in gaining recognition among Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale.

Gas facility to keep ULV scientists safe

Native residents of California and La Verne are accustomed to the quakes that periodically rock through the state without any warning. The procedures to follow are drilled into a person's head. When the ground begins to shake, residents duck and take cover. No problem.

Summer improvements shape up campus

University of La Verne maintenance spent more than $245,000 making improvements throughout the campus this past summer.

From Dancer to Doctor

Saying that senior chemistry major Amy Levy has a busy schedule is an understatement.

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