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Sinkaset joins forces with LV science

The University of La Verne chemistry department can add another fine professor to their list of greats, due to the arrival of a young and ambitious assistant professor.

Professor gains rights for fuel cell project

Iraj Parchamazad, Chemistry Department chairman, is bringing recognition to ULV as a research institution through his groundbreaking research in fuel cell technology.

ULV redefines fuel-cell technology

Potential investors, educators and students gathered last Friday at the University of La Verne to witness a demonstration of a prototype fuel-cell system that uses propane or ethyl methanol as the sole fuel source.

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Campus news for the week of Feb. 23, 2001.

Science department gets makeover

The University of La Verne's Natural Science Department received three new faculty members this academic year, each one of them bringing diverse experiences to their specialized classes.

Doctor to bring ULV recognition

In a place where most people think of going to the beach as soon as the sun rises everyday, it is odd to find a person who sees a different ray of hope coming from the king of the stars.

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