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Work and play fill students’ winter break

Students at the University of La Verne spent their winter break traveling, working and spending time with their loved ones. ULV’s winter break started on Dec. 17, 2023 with the start of the Spring semester just six weeks later on Jan. 29.

Rise of China in the global economy raises concerns

Xin Xu, executive director of China and Asia Pacific studies at Cornell University, discussed the rise of China and how the nation is on track to overtake the United States as the global economy leader by the end of the decade.

Muslims deserve freedom

An estimated one million Chinese Muslims have disappeared across Xianjiang, China, and speculation pertaining to their possible imprisonment in relation to their religious status were proved true after leaked documents highlighted a network of detention camps used to imprison Chinese Muslims.

China’s grasp on U.S. is a threat

The Chinese government’s grasp on American society has grown exponentially not only through the launch of Tik Tok, one of the most downloaded applications of 2019, but through various data breaches that have gone undiscussed in the public sphere as well. 

Commentary: Companies need to stand with progress

Amid the ongoing protests for democracy in Hong Kong, a single tweet consisting of an image with seven words was all it took to plunge the NBA into complete chaos. And in that chaos, one thing has become clear: The NBA needs to stop trying to pander to both sides.

Online shopping experience studied

Yingxia Cao, associate professor of decision sciences, talked about online customer service experiences in China and Taiwan Yingxia Cao, associate professor of decision sciences, discusses “Post-Purchase Shipping and Customer Service Experiences in Online Shopping and Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction,” Tuesday in the Presidents Dining Room. Cao focused on the aspects of online shopping that attract Chinese consumers, like shipping, tracking, and customer service. / photo by Ashlyn Hulin Tuesday for the Faculty Lecture Series. During her lecture, “Post-Purchase Shipping and Customer Service Experiences in Online Shopping and Their Impact on Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study with Comparison,” Cao discussed the importance of shipping, explaining that shipping can lead to growth, by bringing in more customers, thus bringing in more money.

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