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Hybrid classes to increase

The Board of Trustees approved the allocation of a portion of University of La Verne’s year-end reserves for the development of online-hybrid courses.

Class prepares students for a changing world

The University of La Verne’s new honors course “Leadership in a Changing World,” co-taught by President Devorah Lieberman, is designed to encourage students to be better citizens.

Courses adjust to classroom mixing

Among the changes prompted by the University’s historically high 2,500-student enrollment this semester, students returned to find classes held unusual places – often in classrooms far from departments’ home bases.

Students want increased technology in classes

University of La Verne faculty have tried with some success to integrate technology to enrich the learning experience, but the problem lies in older generations not having an understanding of how technology fits in today’s culture, at least according to some students and faculty.

Class takes close look at sports films

For three semesters Paul Alvarez, professor of movement and sports science, has been showcasing sports films for the students of La Verne in his class American Values in Sports Films.

Class explores activism and social media

Professor of Education John Bartelt and Associate Professor of Public Administration Matthew Witt have teamed up this semester to lead an interdisciplinary seminar on activism.

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