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Airing the dirty laundry

Alumna Alex Weirsma, sophomore business administration major Caroline Zanteson and senior biology major Janine Blackmur, raise awareness about domestic violence at Iota Delta’s Clothesline Project event in Sneaky Park Tuesday.

Iota Delta supports women

Rachel Klodell, sophomore liberal studies major and Iota Delta member, explains to Brian Rios, junior communications major, how to make a pledge to the Clothesline Project Monday in Sneaky Park.

Iota Delta clotheslines violence toward women

Junior Bonita Estrada decorates a shirt for Iota Delta sorority’s Clothesline Project with sophomore Katie Lewis and senior Amanda Timko at the booth.

Project sheds light on abuse

Iota Delta’s weeklong events focused on abuse against women with their annual Clothesline project and a presentation by Project Sister.

Silence raising awareness

Jessica Loomer, a freshman English major, stands in 15 minutes of silence to raise awareness about domestic abuse Tuesday.

Clothesline Project sheds light on domestic violence

The Clothesline Project, started in 1990 in Cape Cod, Mass., is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt and hanging it on a clothesline.

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