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Comedian gives ULV a comic relief special

Comedian Mike Brody created a boisterous environment of laughter for a group of over 20 students for a two-hour comedy set Sept. 23 outside Citrus Hall. 


Campus and community art events for the week of Feb. 21, 2014.

On the Calendar

Campus and community events for the week of Oct. 21, 2011.

SAE acts out at Comedy Night

Sigma Alpha Epsilon members Paul Gamst, Matt Izaguirre, Kevin Claeys and David Contreras act out the same scene in different film genres suggested by the audience as part of SAE’s Comedy Night.

ASF Funds Balance Out

A budgetary statement for the Associated Students Federation (ASF), prepared by Treasurer Dana Jones, showed that current expen­ditures were well within the limits of spending allowances. As Jones put it at the recent ASF meeting, "For once I can say ASF is not spending its money fast enough."

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