ASF Funds Balance Out

Betty Welch
Feature Editor

A budgetary statement for the Associated Students Federation (ASF), prepared by Treasurer Dana Jones, showed that current expen­ditures were well within the limits of spending allowances. As Jones put it at the recent ASF meeting, “For once I can say ASF is not spending its money fast enough.”

The general account showed a credit of $1,611.79, which, added to the $500 budget of the account, made a balance of $2,111.79. The Lambda account showed an alloca­tion of $2,925, which is being used for the down payment to the Taylor Publishing Company. Lambda’s balance is $8,310, which includes $1,235 collected from students during the yearbook sale deposit.

A written request from Jim Carter for an additional $50 for the Senior Retreat divided the ASF Forum among those who thought it would be fiscally irresponsible to grant the request and those who considered the Senior Retreat an event worthy of preserving. Those in favor of the allocation a)so cited the inflationary economy as cause for the increase in cost.

The Senior Retreat is held mainly for undergraduate student in their senior year. This year, it is being held March 12 through 14. During the three-day adventure at Pilgrim Pines, seniors re-establish their goals, careers, education and the family.

ASF Forum member Robin Hol­land said that the small amount of $50 was arbitrary and preserving the tradition of the senior retreat  was the important issue. She said, “The senior retreat is an event which students look forward to after four years.”

A favorable motion was passed, despite the strong emotional arguments made against it by underclassmen and upperclassmen, alike.

In other events, the Forum voted to approve an allocation of $150 for a noontime concert, featuring the Devon band.

John Phillips, ASF Forum mem­ber, announced that Comedy Night might feature such famous comedians as the host of “Real People,” Skip Stevenson, for $500. The event has not been scheduled, as yet, and probably will not occur until the spring.

Results of ASF questionnaires recorded many suggestions for possible activities. Among those suggestions was a joint activity be­tween Joel Mariano and Jerry Brice to produce an entry for the Southern California Film Festival, being held this The next step was made by Brice in the form of a request for an allocation to pay for the film equipment, necessary for the pro­duction of the cartoon.

“If we win, it would get recogni­tion and benefit for the school,” said Brice.

Dan Hayward, ASF chairperson, concurred with Brice but advised Brice to submit an itemized list of all costs of the production at the next ASF meeting, Nov. 23.

Betty Welch
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