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Homecoming 1996 brings old, new faces

Photo coverage of Homecoming 1996.

ULV provides fashion potpourri

Whether it be grunge or prep, retro or hippie, vinyl or chambray, Levi’s or cK, fashion at ULV remains a salad of colors, trends, attitudes and unique first impressions.

Maintenance issues plague ULV

A completed maintenance request in residence halls should result in action within three to four working days. “A general rule of thumb for non-emergency would be three days,” said Jana Ducret, administrative assistant in the Operations Department.

Letters to the Editor

We, the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi, are astonished at the opinion expressed in the Campus Times.

Brotherhood gone awry

For the past two semesters, Delta Sigma Phi fraternity has, on several occasions, acted with blatant contempt for the University, its students and its mission statement.

ULV student attacked at local party

A fight and suspected gunfire left some hurt and others frightened at an off-campus party hosted by the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity on Sunday, Feb. 11, at approximately 1:45 a.m.

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