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Dykstra remains in critical condition

As Leopard quarterback Rollie Dykstra clung to life Wednesday, the University of La Verne community gathered in La Fetra Auditorium to pray for a miracle.

ABA pursuit raises concern

Concerns over further spending on the University of La Verne College of Law in Ontario sparked heated debate in a university-wide forum last month.

Dr. Hogan welcomes book signing

A book signing and reception in honor of Herbert W. Hogan, author of "Years of Renewal and Growth, University of La Verne-1985-2000: The First Fifteen Years of Stephen C. Morgan," was held Tuesday in the President's Dining room.

ULV law college offers name tiles as a means to legacy

To commemorate the University of La Verne's newest addition, the College of Law Building, the University is offering students, faculty and staff an opportunity to have their names inscribed on a personalized tile.

Sheriffs force change in venue of College Night

College Night at Michaelangelo's was brought to a sudden halt Oct. 17 when Los Angeles County Sheriffs from the San Dimas Substation entered the party to catch alleged underage drinking.

Landises honored at formal dinner

Fine dining, romantic candlelight and a piano serenade at the Ritz. It sounds like something left over for Valentine's Day. This was no celebration of love between a man and a woman, but rather a celebration for the couple's love and contributions to the University of La Verne.

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