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Drivers to face stricter penalties for texting and driving

A new state law that goes into effect July 1 imposes stricter penalties for those caught texting while driving. Under current law, using a hand-held smart phone or device while driving is punishable by a fine. Starting July 1, the penalty for such violation will also add points to the driver’s record. 

Program puts ‘brakes’ on unsafe teen driving

The nonprofit teen advanced driving school Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe, or BRAKES, raised awareness about safe driving and provided teenage drivers with advanced training at a controlled environment Saturday and Sunday at the Fairplex.

We are on the driver’s side

Parking around campus is an all too familiar gripe among University of La Verne students and staff members, but another thing that drivers have to endure is the fact that students, and other pedestrians, do not know how to use a crosswalk.

Students support hike in texting fines

Though many believe that young adults do not truly understand the dangers of driving while texting, La Verne students understand the dangers and accept the laws and fines placed on the activity.

Students just say ‘no’ to texting and driving

The Campus Activities Board held a No Cell Phone Zone event on Tuesday in front of the Campus Center.

SoCal drivers follow too closely

My hands are tightly clenching the steering wheel as I feel my car shift in to the passing gear. And then I am on the freeway.

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