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University braces for projected $15.5 million budget shortfall

The University of La Verne plans to be fully operational by the fall 2020 semester through the implementation of various measures officials hope will provide safety and financial stability moving forward, President Devorah Lieberman announced via email last week. 

Minority enrollment addressed in ASULV meeting

University of La Verne administration and a member of the student population disagreed on the efficacy of enrollment and retention rates in relation to ethnicity at the University during a recent ASULV meeting.

Segregated funds won’t solve problem

On April 17, junior speech communications major Tyler Anderson and another black student proposed Oshun, a separate funding hub for black focused clubs on campus, to Loretta Rahmani, chief student affairs officer, Lawrence Potter, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Richard Rose, professor of religion and philosophy, President Devorah Lieberman, Provost Jonathan Reed and Beatriz Gonzales, chief diversity officer. Anderson announced the plan to some students at a Black Student Union meeting May 7.

Enrollment dip hurts ULV budget

The University of La Verne has reached its “2020 Strategic Vision” fundraising goal of a $100 million endowment. But fundraising efforts have not offset the financial problems caused by the sudden dip in enrollments this academic year at the tuition dependent University.

‘True tuition’ may help retention

The University of La Verne has had trouble recently retaining students from freshman through senior years. There are undoubtedly many reasons for this retention problem. However, the fact that tuition increases by between roughly 4 percent and 6 percent almost every year in recent memory – or more than twice the rate of inflation – is most likely one of the main reasons.

Lieberman tackles Trump concerns; University to be DACA sanctuary

President Devorah Lieberman addressed concerns about president-elect Donald Trump and how his presidency may affect students here during the State of the University address Monday in the Campus Center Ballroom.

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