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Speaker shares experience with death row inmates

Bill Breeden, Unitarian Universalist minister and former candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives, spoke on Campus Tuesday in La Fetra Auditorium. 

Students oppose idea of weapons on campus

In light of recent violent attacks against public schools and college settings, lawmakers have questioned whether having designated officials carry guns on campus would help reduce violence.

Retirement options may stay intact

Administrators’ recent decision to change the retirement plan for all University employees is expected to be reversed, in light of strong opposition by faculty, who objected to the fact that such a decision was made without their consultation.

Letter to the Editor

In the Nov. 5 issue of the Campus Times, the editors recommended a minimum SAT score higher than the 850 combined score apparently proposed by the College of Arts and Sciences (“SAT minimum should be raised”). If the proposal is to not accept applications from students with a score below 850, we think such a policy would be ill-advised.

A&S faculty establish new council

The College of Arts and Sciences changed its by-laws Nov. 5 to establish a new seven faculty member governing council.

Faculty get 2.5% raises

University of La Verne faculty will receive 2.5 percent raises for the 2008-2009 academic year as part of a salary pool increase of 3.49 percent by the Board of Trustees.

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