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Los Angeles County Fair goers get to taste the rainbow

As summer begins to fade, the Los Angeles County Fair is here to bring deliciously fried fair food and questionable food combinations for the adventurous foodie. 

A feast of Fair fare

Each year as summer days begin to fade away, Southern Californians are rewarded with something else exciting to look forward to, or rather to eat our way through, the Los Angeles County Fair.

Fair food flambés guests’ appetites

The Los Angeles County Fair offers its visitors a wide variety of carnival rides, games, shopping venues and most importantly, food.

Fair mixes new and old traditions

Crowds of people entered the gates of the Pomona Fairplex on Friday to take part in opening day at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Fair goers indulge in flavorful and fried fare

As eagerly awaiting fair-goers funnel into the Fairplex for the annual Los Angeles County Fair, visitors are hit with waves of scents ranging from sweet and tangy to deep-fried and chocolatey

Fair delicacies come deep-fried

The defining characteristic of the Los Angeles County Fair is the food. People cannot get enough of the food, nor can they believe the options that are available.

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