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Sprinkler incident under investigation

Malfunctioning sprinklers in the Oaks dormitory this semester at the University of La Verne are under investigation.

Sprinklers malfunction for third time in Oaks

Another faulty sprinkler head caused thousands of dollars worth of damage Sunday night when it went off in the Oaks D Building in room 203, causing flooding throughout the top and bottom floors of the building.

Faulty sprinklers drench Oaks

How safe are the dorms on campus? A quick jog through some of the dorms reveal that half the rooms have their doors propped open. Yes, students are inside the rooms, but some frequently leave for a short time without locking their doors.

Malfunctioning fire sprinkler floods Oaks

Residents of the Oaks F building were forced to evacuate their rooms on Sunday after the basement was flooded due to a malfunctioning fire sprinkler, the La Verne Fire Department said.

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