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Tackling the Tookie case

The death penalty is a hot topic. And now, with Stanley “Tookie” Williams scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Dec. 13, this topic is hot on my mind.

Letters to the Editor

I would like to respond to the Rob Strauss column in last week's Campus Times.

Graffiti marks LV gangs’ territory

Behind the University of La Verne's Ortmayer Stadium, opposite the north end of Arrow Highway, a variety of names and designs are graffitied proudly on the city walls. From the scene, it is evident that a series of gang members have made their mark, claiming these illustrations as signs which signify their territory.

Letter to the Editor

As I was reading the latest issue of the Campus Times, I came across Christie Reed’s column, “Too Little, Too Late.” I was greatly disturbed by her opinion.

Superficial solutions

Last weekend, I attended my church’s annual fund-raising carnival with the typical electric rides, games and food booths. However, this year it had a new addition—a metal detector.

Too little, too late

It was indeed a horrible tragedy. A carload of five make a wrong turn down a dead-end street and as they slow to turn around, they are attacked by 20 or so gang members from the infamous “Avenues.” On a white wall in the alley are scrawled the words “Avenidos...Assecinos,” intended to warn any trespassers of the danger that lies ahead.

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