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Credit–no credit option continues for undergrads through fall 2020

University of La Verne undergraduates students will be able to take any of their classes as credit–no credit through the fall 2020 semester, as they were able to do in spring 2020, University officials announced this week.

Administrators address student concerns, from financial aid to health and virtual graduation tributes

The Associated Students of the University of La Verne held a virtual Town Hall Wednesday night featuring numerous University officials to address student concerns pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, the current status of online education, and the upcoming academic school year.

Students can take all classes pass/fail

To lessen the stress of  students’ sudden transition to all online school and social distancing mandates, Provost Jonathan Reed announced last week that University of La Verne students may elect to take all of their classes Pass-Fail. 

Withdrawal failing grade option put into effect

It looks like an F but it's really not an F.

Web registration offered to students

Students at the University of La Verne may soon be able to retrieve their midterm grades via the Internet.

Credit/no credit brings alternative options

Students at the University of La Verne always have the option of taking their classes for a letter grade. On the other hand, there is always the option of taking classes for credit or no credit.

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