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Credit–no credit option continues for undergrads through fall 2020

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Alondra Campos
News Editor

David Gonzalez
Editor in Chief

University of La Verne undergraduate students will be able to take any of their classes as credit–no credit through the fall 2020 semester, as they were able to do in spring 2020, University officials announced this week.

This rule marks an extension of the special exception, made in light of the pandemic and the remote learning environment. Prior to the pandemic, major courses could be taken for letter grades only.

Under the credit-no credit provision, students will get credit if they earn a C-minus or better in their course.

For graduate students, the ability to take classes for credit-no credit depends on the expectations and accreditation demands of the individual graduate programs.

Al Clark, professor of humanities, said students should discuss the decision with their academic advisors.

“Even for undergrads, there will be many grad schools that if they see credit–no credit, they will give that student’s application a lower rating,” Clark said. “We really want students to succeed.”

Juli Minoves-Triquell, chair of the Undergraduate Academic Policies Committee, agreed that this decision could impact a student’s ease of going to grad school.

“This will make it more difficult for them,” Minoves-Triquell said.

Minoves-Triquell said there were additional considerations.

“We needed to make sure that this won’t be detrimental for student’s financial aid,” he said. “And administration cleared that and said students will not be penalized.”

Minoves-Triquell said that students advocated for the credit–no credit option available to them.

“With the support from student representatives, we saw that students would prefer the credit–no credit option,” Minoves-Triquell said.

Vania Medina, sophomore criminology major, said that she might take advantage of the credit–no credit option if she needs it, but at this point in the semester she was fine.

“I don’t know how my grades are going to go, but so far it looks good,” Medina said. “But if let’s say a week before credit–no credit is due, if my grades are wonky then I will take advantage of it.”

Medina said that this could shift her mentality from aiming for a high grade to just wanting to pass the class.

“Mentally it would be like, ‘Oh, I don’t have to study as much.’ I can just get credit instead of having that ugly C or C-,” Medina said. “I’m not aiming for that high grade anymore, I’m just aiming for passing.”

The deadline to change a class to credit–no credit is Dec. 6, with requests not being accepted after that date. The form to submit a request is available through the MyLaverne portal at

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