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Latinx community members share what their identity means to them

The University’s Latinx Heritage Month virtual series kicked off Wednesday via WebEx with a panel promoting diversity and inclusion through storytelling.

Election brought unexpected political change

Marcia Godwin, professor of public administration, discussed Congressional districts that flipped in 2020, shifts in voting trends, and the media's role in the outcomes, with 31 Zoom participants on Tuesday.

Russia rings in Trump support

With the 2018 midterm election approaching, the U.S. government is not giving enough attention to Russia targeting voters.

Television Review: ‘AHS: Cult’ explores patriarchy, power

Most liberals would agree that Donald Trump’s election was a true American horror story. In the suspenseful, thrilling TV series’ seventh season, “American Horror Story: Cult,” the advantages of fear are explored through one of the nation’s biggest mistakes: electing Trump as president. The season shows the extremity of the havoc that could take place within the next four years due to the authoritarian nature of his presidency.

Stop overlooking voter suppression

Although voter suppression in the 2016 presidential election was massively overlooked, and even mocked, this is a real and serious issue that led to the unfortunate and unfair election of Donald Trump.

Election night watch party turns tense

Students watched anxiously as the election results unfolded and ended with a shocking win by Donald Trump during the Election Watch Party hosted by the College Democrats and Republicans clubs Tuesday night in the Campus Center Ballroom.

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