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Letter to the Editor

On March 9, the La Verne Police Department reported that they had arrested a former ULV student for falsifying threats made to herself and others, for electronic impersonation, perjury, and for filing a false police report. The race-based attacks the student had reported forced the University to cancel classes last year and devote substantial resources and time to addressing the alleged events.

Chehab explores banks’ role in financial crisis

Adham Chehab, professor of finance, presented the findings of his research regarding U.S. banks and their role in the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 at a faculty lecture on Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room. 

Letters to the Editor

As I read through last week’s issue, the following statement in Mark Acosta’s movie review (“11/9’ critiques new political climate,” Sept. 28) caught my attention: “Nov. 9, 2016, marked a turning point in American history with the election of Donald Trump as president."

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