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Tuition increase set for fall

The Board of Trustees has approved the 6.5 percent tuition increase, bringing the total undergraduate cost to $33,400.

Cal Grants could be slashed

Roughly 26,000 California college students wait with bated breath as the state legislature evaluates Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal, which includes a drastic cut to the Cal Grant program.

More students pay for college alone

“Go to college” is what every student in America hears growing up. But with 9.7 percent of the U.S. population unemployed, more and more students are hearing “Go to college, and find a way to pay for it.”

White House cuts Work Study grants

University of La Verne students are finding themselves unexpectedly unemployed this year, and many departments are short-staffed thanks to budget cuts and a reduced allocation of work-study funds from the Federal Work Study Program.

Crew integrates individuality, talent

Originally started in Brandt Hall during the 1995-96 school year, Floor Two Crew (FTC) was born out of what senior Eddie Casarez called "boredom."

Wilson tunes into activities, future

When Cal State Long Beach cancelled its football program in 1992, senior Liron Wilson was left without a university to attend.

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