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Supermarkets revisit contract controversy

Supermarket union contract renewal time is quickly approaching for three major Southern California stores, as unpleasant memories of the 2003-2004 strike run through the minds of both employees and shoppers.

Labor rights focus of talk

Calling attention to the injustices felt by middle and low-income laborers in the work force will bring equal opportunity and a stable economy.

Grocery strike ends

Supermarket employees across Southern California, including La Verne locations, went back to work Tuesday following a strike that lasted 141 days, but shoppers might be slow to respond.

Local supermarket workers strike

Since Saturday morning, Wade Greenwald has been outside the local Vons store on Foothill Boulevard in La Verne working the picket line with his former co-workers to preserve their health-care benefits.

$port$ in the Ninetie$

Labor disputes. Those two words have put a damper on the spirits of many sports fans this summer in America. Many Americans don’t understand the dispute which has arisen between players and owners, stopping a season just like that.

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