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ULV fills Cal Grant gap

The University of La Verne came to its students’ rescue when Cal Grants were delayed due to the state budget stand still. ULV has advanced nearly $3.2 million to cover late Cal Grant payments needed by 700 new and returning undergraduate students for the fall semester.

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Performance awards saved for now

University administrators have provided reasonable assurance that performance scholarships will be preserved, despite rumors that the awards would be phased out or even cut from next year’s budget due to the institution’s growing budget deficit.

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Policy limits award money

When freshman Tera Taylor decided to attend the University of La Verne, she was excited about the large amount of financial aid she would receive. Her expenses were practically paid for, until a financial aid policy went into effect.

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Cal Grant spared

The proposed cuts to the Cal Grant program should end up being less severe since the recent passage of Proposition 57, though cuts will still be felt by California College students.

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