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Clark considers University’s Brethren influence

Al Clark, professor of humanities, presented a lecture called “Brethren Heritage at ULV: 129 years of Shifting Interpretations” as part of the weekly La Verne Academy Lecture series at noon Tuesday at the Quay Davis Executive Board Room. 

Mini Maker Fair shows off tech projects

The third annual Mini Maker Fair attracted more than 50 people who saw personal creations like a programmed walking spider, an interactive LED dress, a kinetic water droplet sculpture and a 3D printed dancing ballerina Wednesday in the Wilson Library.

Presentation highlights La Verne’s past

Professor and Librarian Emeritus Marlin Heckman gives a detailed timeline of how Lordsburg Hotel transitioned to University of La Verne at “The Lordsburg Hotel: Its Rise and Demise,” a presentation sponsored by the La Verne Historical Society.

Lordsburg Dig site to expand

Now in its fourth semester of excavation, the Lordsburg Dig is hoping to see new ground made toward expanding the site through a proposal made by Anne Duffield-Stoll, director of the dig site.

Lordsburg dig continues

The University of La Verne's Lordsburg Hotel dig has a total of nine individual units. Each unit is dug by two students on the Lordsburg Dig Team.

Archaeology class digs up ULV history

Designed to dig up history, the Lordsburg College Excavation class began on Wednesday, Feb. 7 with hopes of finding artifacts from La Verne’s past.

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