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Students appreciate additional access

Several University of La Verne departments have taken needed steps to give students extended access to campus amenities, such as hot food, ticket purchases and mail pickup.

Students still shopping Amazon, despite tax

Up until last month, Californians were not charged state tax by such popular online stores as Amazon, but as of Sept. 15, that changed along with some people’s shopping habits.

Mailbox move makes massive mess

Students living on campus have been given a mailbox and a key, close to their dorm rooms, but students have no need for them, considering the mail continues to be delivered to and handed out at the Campus Mail Center, located east of The Oaks.

Students to pay mail fee

With the new renovations and construction going on around campus, the student mailboxes once located in the original Student Center in the Super Tents have made a temporary move to the mail center.

Remembering the essence of Ernie

Isn’t it odd how a person can touch your life, but you don’t realize the impact they have made until that person is no longer with you?

‘Ernie’ remembered

More than 150 students and faculty filled Dailey Theatre last Friday to remember a campus employee and a true friend, Ernie Granillo. He died peacefully at his home in La Verne on March 16.

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