Students to pay mail fee

Marilee Lorusso
Staff Writer

With the new renovations and construction going on around campus, the student mailboxes once located in the original Student Center in the Super Tents have made a temporary move to the mail center.

Those students living on campus will have access to their mailboxes in their residence halls soon.

Once the next move is made, commuters will still be able to use mailboxes on campus, but for a small fee that is yet to be determined.

Beginning last week, the mailboxes were closed off section by section until a complete move was made into the mail center. As a result, students are being asked to turn in their box keys before the semester concludes.

“It’s an inconvenience,” said senior Melissa Stearns about the move to the mail center.

Like Stearns, many students have found the closure of the mailboxes in the Super Tents to be a minor setback. Signs were posted on the boxes before the closure and throughout the campus to let students know about the move.

The mailboxes will be making another move in the near future, this time, into the residence halls.

Stearns, who is currently a resident assistant in Stu-Han, said of the mailboxes being put in the residence halls, “I think its better, but I don’t know how it’s going to work.”

However, commuters will have to pay a small fee in order to rent a mailbox rather than being assigned one like before.

For some commuters this is not a big issue, like freshman Sarah D’Monte who said that it does not really matter to her either way because she gets her mail at home.

As an advocate for the students, Associated Student Federation Forum has begun to address this issue for those commuters who do think it is unfair.

“We do not appreciate the fact that commuters will be asked to ‘pay rent’ for mail boxes,” ASF President Dana McJunkin said. “At the current time and to be fair to the central mail services, we are unaware of the cost of the renting of mailboxes and if it is just a ‘key deposit’.

“We were not aware of the idea that students (commuters) were going to be charged to have a mailbox on campus,” she added.

At a recent meeting, ASF thought of suggestions as to where all of the mailboxes could move to such as the mailroom and the new student center Leo’s Den. While this was in discussion, it was decided that residents would be able to access their mail in their residence halls.

Until the mailboxes are relocated, mail can be picked up from the Mail Center located on First and E streets, across the street from the Oaks Residence Halls.

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