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Veterans Day ceremony commemorates service members

Members of the JROTC Color Guard stand in formation at the flag raising ceremony at Veterans Hall on Friday.

Trauma leads to suicide in military

A recent report finds that suicide among active duty military has increased during the past five years.

Funding for wall bad for troops

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper notified members of Congress Sept. 3, of his decision to reallocate $3.6 billion in defense spending which will now go toward funding President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Military swag displayed

Kenneth Bowman, a veteran of the United States Marines, examines an antique pin from Flying Tiger Antiques at the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show on Saturday.

La Verne honors veterans’ service and sacrifice

The University of La Verne honored veterans during a celebration that began at Sneaky Park and ended at a ceremony outside of Veterans Hall.

Bush finds direction from service

The transition to college typically occurs in two ways: the lead up to high school graduation following acceptance and decision, then mid-August when students frantically attempt to navigate all aspects of a new campus.

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