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Román balances natives, beginners

David Román, a 37-year-old from Temixco, Mexico, was so enthralled by the University of La Verne's Spanish Department, that he left his family and friends in September 1996 to come to "el norte" and teach.

Letters to the Editor

This is in response to those students who wrote a letter to the editor about how "U100 classes are mostly pointless" and how the papers assigned to the students were "just busy work."

Student alleges bias over major

After a delayed process of conferences, the University of La Verne agreed to grant junior Adriana Salcedo her Spanish major, provided she completes all specified requirements for her major before graduation.

Leadership changes in academic departments

A wave of change has hit individual departments that are beginning the semester under leadership of new department chairs.

Summer trip supplies dreams of French getaway

For many students who have fantasized about a European getaway, the dream of a lifetime becomes a reality this June when Ruth Trotter, associate professor of art, and Gerard Lavatori, associate professor of French, take a group of students on a trip to Paris, France.

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