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Cortez brings language experience

Each semester brings new life to the University of La Verne. This new life comes in the form of students, faculty, schedules and classrooms.

Faculty recognizes student scholars

University of La Verne students gathered in Founders Auditorium last Tuesday to be recognized by what Dr. William Cook, vice president of academic affairs, called "an Academic Awards Night celebration."

Letter to the Editor

Araceli Esparza's article concerning the dismissal of part-time Spanish professor Paul Zarna reminded me of the Gulf War protestations of the press that General Schwarzkopf would not answer every question.

Instructor’s dismissal sparks protest

Following the dismissal of part-time Spanish professor Paul Zarna early Tuesday afternoon, about eight students from his class gathered in protest to appeal the decision to Dr. Gerard Lavatori, chair of the Foreign Languages Department.

Jiao brings culture, experience to Chinese class

For the first time on campus, Mandarin Chinese is being offered at the University of La Verne by an instructor who has more on her academic agenda than just teaching the language.

Language Department offers Mandarin Chinese

Starting this semester, the University of La Verne has added Mandarin Chinese to its list of foreign language classes being offered to students.

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