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Muslims deserve freedom

An estimated one million Chinese Muslims have disappeared across Xianjiang, China, and speculation pertaining to their possible imprisonment in relation to their religious status were proved true after leaked documents highlighted a network of detention camps used to imprison Chinese Muslims.

Genital mutilation still legal in U.S.

Joanna Vergoth boarded a plane from New York to Kentucky to meet with a survivor of female genital mutilation and promote legislation to make the practice of genital mutilation illegal on May 6.

Living with Islamophobia

At first glance, people would not assume I am Middle Eastern, specifically Palestinian. I always thought my large nose easily gives it away, but my name is the first indicator that I am a Muslim. 

Stop ganging up on Rep. Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, one of the first Muslim woman elected to Congress, has been attacked maliciously by President Donald Trump for comments she made that were taken out of context – she has now received an influx of death threats since President Trump posted a video signaling that Omar was dismissive of the 2001 deadly terrorist attacks.

Muslim club spreads awareness of Islam faith

The Muslim Student Association hosted an Islam Awareness Week that spread the religion of Islam through informative events each day last week.

Islam Awareness Week honors hijabs

Nala Kachour, president of the Muslim Students’ Association, pins a hijab on Pomona Salcido, senior mathematics major, Monday in the Citrus Courtyard.

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