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Students strive to use social networking safely

Today Facebook and Twitter dominate the world of online social networking. But this is not without inheriting the revolutionary capabilities of the outdated MySpace, which includes cases of cyberbullying, kidnapping and fraud.

Think before you post

With the constant talk of Facebook, social networking sites have been on my mind lately.

Greek Week 2008: Speaker addresses Internet perils

C.L. Lindsay, a lawyer from Philadelphia and author of “The College Student’s Guide to the Law,” spoke at the University of La Verne about MySpace, Facebook, blogging and the consequences that come along with users sharing too much information about themselves online.

Downloads replace CDs

In a world with increasing access to technology, surveys are showing that more and more people are forgoing buying CDs for downloads.

CTL faculty, technology continue to grow

Technology, you and the Center for Teaching and Learning. These all relate to you because the CTL works to improve the learning experience for students through training instructors in the latest classroom technologies, the center leaders say.

Film, media fight global warming

After the release of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore was at the center of jokes and parodies concerning global warming. In May 2006 Gore starred in the opening skit on “Saturday Night Live,” joking about how his last six years as “president” have changed the world for the best.

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