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Commentary: Ride alongs are not as scary as they seem

Yet again, I was given an eye-opening assignment for my advanced news reporting class. This time though it rattled my nerves a bit.

Commentary: Scientology survivors retell stories of hell

At a news conference, six ex-Scientologists told their horrifying stories full of claims that the Church of Scientology physically and mentally abused them when they worked for the church.

Media still imposes double standard

If you watched the American Music Awards about three weeks ago, you may have seen Adam Lambert's racy and provocative performance.

Bringing the holidays to the poor

I cannot believe how fast the holidays are approaching. It feels like we just rang in the New Year. With our busy schedules and hectic life, it seems like everything is passing us by so much and without any room to take it all in.

The law applies to everyone

When Maria Shriver made headlines a few weeks ago regarding pictures taken of her on her cell phone while driving, it made me upset.

Don’t believe what you hear about H1N1

I was shocked to hear that Consumer Reports found two out of three parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children against the H1N1 virus.

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