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Functions can help predict future

Xiaoyan Liu, professor of mathematics, presented her research on approximation theory and how the theory is used in real life examples on Tuesday in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room.

Students vow to improve attendance in 2020

With the spring 2020 semester in full swing, some University of La Verne students are vowing to strengthen their academic approach this semester. The big habit they’re breaking: skipping class.

Letters to the Editor

The presentations made by the administration of the University of La Verne on November 20, 2019, and the answers provided by the Provost to questions posed by the FAHC, reveal an alarming and unnecessary plan to abolish tenure as part of the creation of a Cal Bar-accredited program of legal education as the successor to the discontinued ABA-accredited program.

Considering obesity’s health effects

Jerome Garcia, professor of biology, discussed his studies of the mitochondria’s ability to enhance respiratory capacity and its role in obesity Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room.

Academy shares publishing advice

Members of the La Verne Academy gathered Tuesday in the Executive Dining Room to present their inaugural panel, “What Everyone Ought to Know About Research and Scholarship,” before faculty and students.

Clocksin clocks in to new job as interim dean

With the departure of College and Arts and Sciences Dean Lawrence Potter in January, Brian Clocksin, professor of kinesiology who previously served as the associate dean, took the helm as interim dean last month.

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