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Barba sentenced for embezzlement

Jose Barba, Jr., a former student of the University of La Verne, was sentenced Aug. 18 for grand theft by embezzlement at Pomona Valley Superior Court.

Residence halls give students comfort zone

Residential life means a variety of things to students who reside in Brandt, Studebaker-Hanawalt and the Oaks residence halls – anything from enjoying their independence to having carpet in the Oaks.

Delta Sigma Phi removed from IFSC

After an intense discussion at an emergency Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC) meeting on Wednesday, Delta Sigma Phi's membership was revoked from IFSC at the University of La Verne.

Clothesline Project airs dirty laundry at ULV

"Castrate Rapists" and "Tell someone, because it's not your fault," were two sayings written on bright orange and red t-shirts by students in support of the national Clothesline Project.

Davenport food fails comparison

Aramark Dining Services at the University of La Verne can provide special foods to students with specific dietary needs.

Hotline hears complaints, problems

The members of the Associated Student Federation (ASF) Forum, concerned about students' problems, have established a telephone hotline to hear complaints. The Forum wants to know what is bothering student, how it can assist and what kinds of activities students want to see.

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