Delta Sigma Phi removed from IFSC

by Echelle Avelar
News Editor

After an intense discussion at an emergency Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC) meeting on Wednesday, Delta Sigma Phi’s membership was revoked from IFSC at the University of La Verne.

The meeting was open and voting rights were held by IFSC’s executive council, which consists of the presidents of all the Greek organizations, as well as the executive board of IFSC. The meeting was called to discuss the status of Greek Week and Delta Sigma Phi’s membership in IFSC.

With Delta Sigma Phi no longer under IFSC, they will no longer have voting rights at IFSC meetings, will not get an invitation to any IFSC sponsored events and will not participate in rush under IFSC.

Delta Sigma Phi is still a recognized fraternity at ULV, but will be under regulation of its national headquarters and ULV.

Tuesday night’s Greek Week bowling event at San Dimas’ Chaparral Lanes was one of many events discussed at the meeting.

Demeaning any organization in any way, and consumption of alcohol are not allowed at any Greek Week event. It was because of these issues that Delta Sigma Phi was disqualified from the event.

After screaming obscenities against Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chanting demeaning songs and concluding with a physical assault against one of SAE’s members by Delta Sigma Phi member Pat Macias, the ULV group was asked to leave the building.

After leaving Chaparral Lanes, some individuals decided to call or go to the SAE house.

What then began as a few concerned individuals hanging out turned into an informal meeting with four of the Greek organizations represented.

“It was the first time everyone got together outside of an organized event and all were represented. If anything, this brought all Greeks closer together,” said SAE member Dale Schroeder, junior.

Delta Sigma Phi President Mike Lopez stated at the IFSC meeting, “There is a lot of hypocrisy; from the get go, you were telling us watch out for what you do. You castrated Greek Week and made it into a quilt making event. I don’t see Greek Week being Greek Week. Personally, I wouldn’t mind [losing Delta Sigma Phi’s IFSC membership] but it would get us into things with our national. Give us a chance to rain on our new guys.”

Delta Sigma Phi’s Kirk Leggett said at the IFSC meeting, “We as an organization apologize for his [Macias’] actions. It was clear he started something when nothing had happened. Pat was the only one that was there that wanted to start something, beside that what else have we done? We’ve made an 180 degree turn, we have tried so hard to change our image. We are trying to climb this mountain and every time we get close to the top, we get slapped off. It doesn’t matter what we do, we are going to get slapped off the mountain. A lot of times we get out of hand, but last night has been the only time violence has been aimed toward another organization.”

But as many of the other members confirmed Tuesday night’s altercation was the last straw for the five who voted in favor of the motion.

“When it effects other organizations it is real. President [Stephen] Morgan looks at us, the community looks at us and what does it look like?” said senior Phi Sigma Sigma Christina Tejeda.

“People don’t feel safe around your organization. People don’t know if one of your members is going to show up drunk,” said senior SAE Chris Braunstein.

“We are tired of it and we are fed up. If it takes keeping you out of IFSC then that’s what it takes. You’ve robbed our pledges of Greek Week,” said junior Iota Delta member Par Nag.

Echelle Avelar, Sports Editor
Echelle Avelar
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