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Copa America Predictions: U.S. should advance to semifinals

Copa America Centenario will be the biggest men’s soccer tournament hosted by the United States since the 1994 World Cup, which still holds the attendance record of 3,587,538 and an average of 68,991 per game.

Photographs shine light on bleak living

Los Angeles Times photographer Michael Robinson-Chávez had the opportunity to visit and photograph the barren mining city of Rinconada, located 17,400 feet above sea level in the Peruvian Andes.

Interterm offers international study, adventure

Every year La Verne students are provided with the opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Letter to the Editor

After reading the editorial entitled "Military strategies lack attention" [April 27], I found myself perplexed by logical progression of the article.

Military strategies lack attention

It's only been four months into President George W. Bush's administration, and international crises follow one after the other.

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