Sarah Sleeger

Theater Review: ‘Red Noses’ hits the funny bone

“Red Noses” is a humorous and moving play, combining death, joy, sorrow, humor, satire, love, singing, and dancing.

Capraroiu shares new project plans

Gabriela Capraroiu, associate professor of Spanish, discussed her current research translating Maria Teresa Leon’s travel memoir on communist Romania during her faculty lecture on Monday.

T cell, toxin link discussed in lecture

Christine Broussard, professor of biology, gave a faculty lecture titled “An Investigation of Non-genomic Effects of Selected Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals.”

Stein, Garrett reverberate philharmonic duets

More than 50 people delighted in the musical duet of Paul Stein on violin, and David Garrett on cello Tuesday in Morgan Auditorium.

Interterm offers international study, adventure

Every year La Verne students are provided with the opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Rose discusses religious pluralism

Richard Rose, professor of religion and philosophy, captivated an audience of more than 45 students and faculty with his lecture “The Current Flow of Religious Pluralism in African-American Seminaries.”

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