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Student input dismissed

On March 14, the University announced a change in venue for spring 2018 commencement, from Citizen’s Business Bank Arena to Campus West.

Students protest graduation move

Organizers of Spring Commencement this month announced the change of location for Spring 2018 Commencement, from Citizens Business Bank Arena to Campus West.

Increase gym hours, please

The busy life of the average college student leaves little time for a student to get his or her daily physical workout to stay healthy. Many universities have on-campus gyms accessible for their students and faculty, which is a huge convenience.

Seceding: The action of sore losers

President Obama has not even been sworn in for a second term and already the people of the United States are throwing a temper tantrum. While most people take to the internet to bash and complain, a couple of our fellow “Americans” have taken to the site petitions.whitehouse.gov in an attempt to say “I quit” and secede from the United States.

Recall petition invalidated; new ASF petition circulated

The petition circulated by some members of the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum to recall President Nancy Adams was invalidated by the Judicial Affairs Committee because "signatures were being solicited in unauthorized areas," according to Carol Fetty, ASF adviser.

Petition to recall Adams as president; Ourique resigns from Forum position

A petition currently circulating the University of La Verne campus reads: "We, the members of the Associated Students Federation, support an emer­gency special election for the recall of current ASF President, Nancy Adams. We request immediate action regard­ing this matter."

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