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Store supports bonding with reptilian, amphibious friends

The Amazon Reptile Center, home of bearded dragons, lizards, snakes, a python and more has survived the past couple of years via various adjustments to keep staff and creatures healthy and safe amid the COVID pandemic. 

Cat is out of the bag: Dogs are better than cats

The debate over whether dogs or cats are the better companion for people has gone on for ages, and students at the University of La Verne have strong opinions on the subject. 

New law prohibits sale of puppy mill animals

Pet stores are now prohibited from selling live animals that come from breeders, including dogs, cats and rabbits, according to Assembly Bill 485, which went into effect this year.

California bill puts animals first

Puppy mills and kitten factories took a crushing blow last Friday when Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485.

Quirky pets enliven students’ lives

Senior speech communications major Blasina Hernandez walks around campus with a kitten named Cleo to her chest that just fits in the palms of her hands. Hernandez rescued Cleo last weekend from a heating vent in a house that her dad was doing construction on.

Pets parade in Upland

Maureen Davis and her two dogs, Lynn and Patty, dressed up as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2, winning the funniest pet costume at the Friends of Upland Animal Shelter costume parade and contest Saturday in Memorial Park in Upland.

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