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Retirement options may stay intact

Administrators’ recent decision to change the retirement plan for all University employees is expected to be reversed, in light of strong opposition by faculty, who objected to the fact that such a decision was made without their consultation.

Sports complex faces rough road: Timing of construction projects puts the squeeze on athletes, MSS program

The University of La Verne plans to build new athletics facilities on its Campus West property, located south of Arrow Highway and west of Wheeler Avenue, no later than Dec. 31, 2013.

Sports complex faces rough road: Brown Property may be tainted

Low levels of contamination found at the University of La Verne’s Campus West are believed to be remnants left by previous occupants of the property, according to a University report.

New lot to help parking situation

A new parking lot is yet another addition to the growing list of capitol projects in the pipeline. With $1.3 million price tag, this new lot should be nothing short of technologically forward.

Dorm construction leads city’s growth skyward

As the University of La Verne continues to grow and mature, so too does the city of La Verne. However land availability has its limits, and when building outward is no longer possible, there is nowhere to go but up.

State education budget cuts may not hurt La Verne

A recent budget proposal by California Gov. Jerry Brown includes a drastic $12 billion state spending cut.

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