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Students struggle to eat right on a budget

Depending on your budget, dining at a full-service restaurant vs. a fast food chain may not be an option.

Show some love for Old Town

For many students, faculty and staff alike, it is becoming too easy nowadays to head to the local fast food place to get their lunch, dinner or snack during their day at school.

A fortune cookie education

Twelve of us sat at a round table tucked into the back of the restaurant where sizzling sounds and wisps of steam escaped from the kitchen but were blocked by a gold screen. A lazy Susan weighted down by 12 different dishes swiveled back and forth as we piled our plates high with rice, spicy tofu and sweet and sour chicken.

Restaurant Review: A Garden full of good taste

If you are looking to expand your taste buds a little, the Phoenix Garden is the place for you. The restaurant has a menu that would please even the toughest Chinese food connoisseur.

Cart routes altered to avoid downtown

All University of La Verne employees who operate carts must alter their routes to stay out of downtown La Verne, under the instruction of the La Verne Police Department.

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