Students struggle to eat right on a budget

Depending on your budget, dining at a full-service restaurant vs. a fast food chain may not be an option.

“I tend to base my choices on what I am feeling, but most of the time it depends on how much money I have on me,” senior movement and sports science major Bobby Ruiz said.

A common choice among college students for a cheap fast meal is Jack in the Box.

“It is 24 hours and its cheap,” freshman liberal studies major Katie Lytle said.

Gaining popularity, at least among ULV students is, is the Jack in the Box 99 cent menu.

Although health may not also be a factor in one’s choice, there is always the option to eat healthy on a budget.

Subway is now offering a $5, 12 inch sub-sandwich for a limited time, and as we know it offers the option of eating fresh food while adding all of your favorite vegetables to your sandwich.

“I like the variety of choices at subway. They actually taste good, and it’s healthy for you,” Ruiz said.

Another favorite is Chipotle Mexican Grill, that offers burritos, fajitas, burrito bowls, tacos and salads on its menu and is known for its customizing of meals.

“I love Chipotle. You definitely get your money’s worth,” freshman television broadcasting major Natasha Norton said.

“They do whatever you want. They’ll mix it, double wrap it and even put extra guacamole,” Norton said.

Tastebuds of course play a large role in quick dining choices. And for those interested in taste there are a variety of Hawaiian dishes is L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.

The food is flavorful and allows you an escape from everyday fast food adding sticky rice and fresh macaroni salad with a meat of choice. They also offer an Atkins Diet menu.

Right up the street from the University of La Verne, one can escape to a beautiful Guyanese paradise while dining at Caribbean Gardens, located on Foothill Blvd.

Caribbean Gardens has a menu made up of currys and more, while also bringing in a little Southern flair with its Cajun seafood items.

Relocating soon to Victoria Gardens, the Caribbean cuisine will be adding live music, a dance floor and a large bar area to fully indulge in the island vibe, but for now they are only a walking distance away from the University.

Not far from the island paradise, you can enjoy a taste of authentic Italian food at Charlie’s Café Bistro.

“They give you a lot of food for your money. It is like Olive Garden prices but right up the street,” senior liberal studies major Lisa Tundis said.

Located near the campus of La Verne is the many of restaurants in Old Town.

One can enjoy a sandwich at Podges or add a donut to accompany a bagel sandwich at Miss Donuts and Bagel and then venture to a taste of Greek cuisine at Angel’s Place. The local pub next door offers a meat lovers menu only to be stopped by the fresh smell of sushi at Aoki.

On the other side of the street, pizza lovers can enjoy Warehouse Pizza or experience the lovely hospitality, accompanied by home-style cooking at Roberta’s Village Inn or have your sinuses weeping for joy from the hot mustard added to any item at Phoenix Garden.

“The people at Phoenix Garden are very friendly and the service is fast. You feel like you had a wholesome meal compared to the shake, fries and burger that makes you tired,” sophomore psychology major Ashley Roy said.

The next time you happen to be in the car, searching for places to eat, keep in mind the several choices offered beyond the 99 cent menu or meal at a fast food chain and indulge in a meal that was actually cooked on a stove.

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